• Traffic Control is a challenging mobile game that puts you in control of a bustling city's traffic flow. Your task is to guide vehicles safely through intersections, avoid collisions, and prevent traffic jams. With its captivating visuals and increasingly complex scenarios, the game offers a perfect blend of excitement and strategic thinking for players of all ages.

    1. City Campaign: Take on a campaign where you'll manage traffic across various city districts, facing ever-increasing challenges as you progress. Keep traffic flowing smoothly to achieve high scores.
    2. Endless Mode: If you're up for a more relaxed experience, try the endless mode, where the goal is to maintain order and achieve a continuous flow of vehicles without any specific goals or time limits.
    3. Challenging Scenarios: Face complex intersections, highway exchanges, and various types of vehicles, each with its unique characteristics. Adapt your strategy to accommodate different traffic scenarios.

    • Touch and Drag: Tap and drag vehicles to stop or accelerate them as necessary to avoid collisions.
    • Change Lanes: Swipe left or right to guide vehicles into the appropriate lanes, ensuring a smooth flow of traffic.
    • Interact with Signals: Control traffic lights at intersections by tapping on them to allow vehicles to pass or stop.

    1. Prioritize Safety: Always prioritize safety over speed. Prevent collisions at all costs, even if it means delaying some vehicles.
    2. Plan Ahead: Anticipate the flow of traffic and make decisions in advance to prevent traffic jams and ensure a smooth, continuous movement.
    3. Manage Multiple Intersections: In challenging levels, you'll need to manage multiple intersections simultaneously. Divide your attention wisely to keep everything under control.
    4. Stay Calm and Focused: Traffic Control can get hectic, but staying calm and focused is essential. Don't panic and make hasty decisions.
    5. Practice Timing: Master the timing of traffic light changes. Allow enough time for vehicles to pass without causing bottlenecks.