• Raju Meter 2 is an action-packed rickshaw racing game. In this game, players step into the shoes of Raju, a skilled rickshaw driver, and engage in high-speed races through the bustling streets of India. Raju Meter 2 offers an array of rickshaws, challenging tracks, and an immersive racing experience that captures the essence of rickshaw racing.

    In the game, you'll assume the role of Raju, a charismatic rickshaw driver determined to outshine his competitors. Your goal is to master the art of rickshaw racing, upgrade your vehicle for peak performance, and establish yourself as the ultimate Raju Meter 2 champion. Raju Meter 2 delivers an adrenaline-pumping and culturally rich gameplay experience that will test your racing skills and strategic instincts.

    1. Rickshaw Racing: Engage in high-speed rickshaw races on colorful tracks inspired by the vibrant streets of India. Compete against AI opponents and aim to complete various challenges and objectives.
    2. Vehicle Upgrades: Customize and enhance your rickshaw's performance with upgrades, including engine enhancements, handling improvements, and visual modifications for a unique racing experience.
    3. Game Modes: Take on different game modes, including time trials, championship races, and special challenges, each offering unique racing experiences and a chance to earn rewards.
    4. Indian Environments: Immerse yourself in the rich and lively Indian environments, each with its unique characteristics and challenges.

    • Accelerate/Brake: Use the accelerator to gain speed and the brake to control your rickshaw's speed or slow down when needed.
    • Steering: Employ on-screen buttons or tilt controls to navigate your rickshaw through the vibrant and winding tracks.

    1. Master the Tracks: Learn the ins and outs of each track. Knowing the turns and shortcuts can provide a significant advantage in races.
    2. Upgrade Thoughtfully: Invest in rickshaw upgrades to enhance your performance. Consider engine power, handling, and other components to create a well-rounded racing machine.
    3. Boost Management: Use your nitrous boost strategically. Save it for straightaways or when you need an extra burst of speed to overtake opponents.
    4. Rival Analysis: Pay attention to your AI opponents' racing styles. Learning their strengths and weaknesses can help you anticipate their moves and outmaneuver them.
    5. Consistent Practice: Regular practice is key to success. The more you race, the more you'll refine your racing skills and become a Raju Meter 2 champion.