• Docking Perfection is an engaging and immersive maritime simulation game that places players in the role of a dockmaster, responsible for safely guiding ships into harbor. In Docking Perfection, you'll tackle the challenge of maneuvering various vessels, from massive cargo ships to sleek sailboats, into their designated docking spaces. Each successful docking earns you points and advances your rank as a skilled dockmaster. Docking Perfection offers a uniquely rewarding gameplay experience that will test your precision and control.

    1. Diverse Vessels: Take control of different types of ships, each with its own handling characteristics and challenges. Cargo ships, speedboats, and sailboats are just a few examples.
    2. Multiple Environments: Navigate your vessels through varying seaside environments, from busy harbors to serene marinas, each with its unique obstacles and conditions.
    3. Precision Docking: Master the art of precision and timing as you guide your ship toward the designated docking space, ensuring it's safely moored without accidents.
    4. Progressive Challenges: As you progress, the game presents increasingly complex docking scenarios, putting your skills to the test.

    • Throttle: Use the throttle control to increase or decrease your vessel's speed, helping you achieve the right approach to the dock.
    • Steering: Tilt your device or use on-screen buttons to steer your ship, adjusting its angle and position for a perfect docking.
    • Brake/Reverse: Engage the brake or reverse to slow down or move in the opposite direction if needed.

    1. Practice, Practice, Practice: Repeatedly practice docking in varying conditions to improve your precision and timing.
    2. Adjust Your Approach: Always approach the dock at a controlled speed. Reducing speed as you near the docking area allows for better control.
    3. Use Reverse Sparingly: Save the reverse function for situations where you need to correct your course or make minor adjustments.
    4. Watch the Wind: Be mindful of wind direction and speed, as it can affect your ship's handling and make docking more challenging.
    5. Plan Ahead: Study the docking space and plan your approach carefully. Take into account any obstacles or other ships that may affect your route.