• Buckle up for a thrilling ride through the bustling streets of Mumbai in Bombay Taxi! This action-packed taxi game puts you in the driver's seat as you weave through the colorful chaos of Mumbai's traffic, pick up passengers, and race against the clock to reach their destinations. With a realistic portrayal of India's vibrant city and its signature black-and-yellow taxis, Bombay Taxi offers an immersive and exhilarating gaming experience. Are you ready to master the art of taxi driving on the busy streets of Mumbai?

    1. City Exploration: Explore the sprawling city of Mumbai, complete with realistic landmarks, busy streets, and diverse neighborhoods.
    2. Passenger Pick-Ups: Drive through the city to pick up passengers at various locations. Each fare comes with its own unique destination.
    3. Time Management: Race against the clock to reach each passenger's destination before time runs out. The faster you deliver your passengers, the higher your earnings.
    4. Traffic Challenges: Navigate through Mumbai's bustling traffic while avoiding accidents and staying clear of obstacles and roadblocks.
    5. Multi-Level Gameplay: Progress through a series of challenging levels, each with increasing difficulty, as you strive to become the city's top cabbie.

    • Arrow Keys/WASD: Use these keys to steer your taxi, accelerate, brake, and reverse.
    • Spacebar: Activate your taxi's brakes to slow down and stop when necessary.
    • Horn (H): Sound your horn to alert pedestrians and other vehicles, helping you navigate through the bustling streets.
    • Pause (P): Hit the "P" key to pause the game, allowing you to review your progress, adjust settings, or explore the in-game menu.

    1. Plan Your Routes: Use your knowledge of the city to plan efficient routes that minimize traffic and ensure swift passenger deliveries.
    2. Mind the Clock: Keep an eye on the timer and prioritize passengers based on their proximity to the drop-off location.
    3. Traffic Awareness: Pay attention to traffic patterns and signals. Be prepared to brake and change lanes to avoid collisions and save time.
    4. Master the Horn: Use your horn strategically to alert other drivers and pedestrians when you need to make your way through congested areas.
    5. Practice Patience: Stay patient and composed, especially when navigating the chaotic Mumbai traffic. Rushing can lead to costly mistakes.
    6. Level Up: Progress through the game to unlock additional features and challenges, and enhance your taxi's performance.