• Mahjong Titans brings the timeless game of Mahjong to your fingertips in a solitaire format. Immerse yourself in the beauty of intricately designed tiles featuring traditional symbols and motifs. With its elegant visuals and soothing background music, Mahjong Titans offers a serene and engaging gaming experience reminiscent of the ancient Chinese tradition.

    In Mahjong Titans, the objective is to clear the board by matching and removing pairs of identical tiles. The challenge lies in the fact that each tile must be free on at least one side and not covered by any other tiles. As you progress through the levels, the complexity increases with new tile arrangements and patterns, requiring strategic thinking and careful planning. With a variety of layouts and difficulty levels, Mahjong Titans offers a diverse and enjoyable gameplay experience.

    • Mouse: Use the mouse cursor to navigate and interact with the tiles. Click on a tile to select it, and click on another matching tile to remove the pair. Alternatively, you can use touch controls on touchscreen devices.

    1. Start with the Top Layer: Begin by focusing on tiles that are not covered by any other tiles. Clearing the top layer of tiles opens up more possibilities for matches and allows you to access tiles beneath. By starting at the top, you create a foundation for successful tile-matching and strategic decision-making.
    2. Plan Your Moves: Take a moment to analyze the board and plan your moves. Look for available pairs and consider the potential consequences of each move. Avoid trapping essential tiles behind others and aim to create opportunities for future matches. Strategic planning is crucial for success in Mahjong Titans.
    3. Prioritize Matching Flower and Season Tiles: Flower and season tiles are bonus tiles that add to your score. Prioritize matching these tiles whenever possible to earn extra points. Identifying and pairing these special tiles not only adds visual charm to the game but also enhances your overall gameplay experience.
    4. Clear Tiles from the Sides: When faced with multiple options, prioritize clearing tiles from the sides of the layout. Removing tiles from the sides allows you to gradually expose tiles in the center, providing more opportunities for matches. This strategy helps to prevent the board from becoming cluttered and maximizes your chances of success.
    5. Utilize the Undo and Hint Features: Mahjong Titans often provides helpful features such as Undo and Hint. If you make a mistake or get stuck, use the Undo button to reverse your last move. The Hint feature can provide valuable suggestions for available matches. Utilize these features wisely to overcome challenges and improve your gameplay.
    6. Stay Calm and Focused: Mahjong Titans requires concentration and focus. Stay calm and avoid rushing through the game. Take your time to analyze the board and make thoughtful decisions. By maintaining a calm and focused mindset, you can spot potential matches more easily and improve your overall gameplay performance.