• Dragons Mahjong takes the timeless appeal of traditional Mahjong solitaire and infuses it with the power of mythical dragons. Embark on a mystical adventure as you match and clear tiles adorned with dragon motifs. Unlike conventional Mahjong, Dragons Mahjong introduces a magical twist, requiring players to strategically pair tiles while immersing themselves in the realm of these legendary creatures. With its captivating visuals and innovative gameplay, this game brings the majesty of dragons to your fingertips.

    Prepare to be entranced by the captivating gameplay of Dragons Mahjong. Navigate through a grid of tiles, each intricately designed with dragon imagery. Your objective is to uncover and eliminate matching pairs of tiles, but remember, tiles must be free on at least one side to be eligible for matching. As you progress through the levels, the intricacy of the patterns and the challenge increase, ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience.

    Mastering the controls is essential for achieving victory in Dragons Mahjong:

    • Click: Select a free tile.
    • Click Again: Deselect the tile.
    • Match: Click on two available tiles with the same dragon design to remove them.
    • Hint: Feeling stuck? Use hints to uncover possible matching pairs.
    • Shuffle: Shake things up by shuffling the tiles, revealing new matching opportunities.

    1. Survey the Board: Take a moment to assess the board before making your first move. Identify potential pairs and plan your strategy accordingly.
    2. Clear the Edges: Begin by removing tiles from the edges of the layout. This creates openings and opportunities to access more tiles.
    3. Prioritize Freeing Tiles: Focus on eliminating tiles that are blocking others. Clearing these obstructed tiles often unveils new pairs.
    4. Strategic Hints: Use hints wisely. Rely on your own observation skills, and use hints as a last resort when you're truly stuck.
    5. Time Management: Keep an eye on the timer, especially in time-limited modes. Balance speed with accuracy to achieve high scores.
    6. Practice and Adapt: Improve your skills by experimenting with different strategies. Adapt your approach based on the layout of the tiles.
    7. Stay Immersed: Immerse yourself in the mythical world of Dragons Mahjong. Let your imagination roam while you strategize your moves.