• Play Dino Meat Hunt New Adventure Game

  • Dino Meat Hunt: New Adventure Game is an exciting and thrilling game that takes players on a journey through a prehistoric world filled with hungry dinosaurs and challenging puzzles. The game features a captivating storyline where the dinosaurs embark on a quest to satisfy their hunger by collecting all the meat scattered across the levels. Players must strategically switch between the two dinosaurs, utilizing their unique abilities to navigate the treacherous terrain and overcome various obstacles.

    The big dinosaur possesses strength and the ability to break through barriers, while the small dinosaur is agile and can fit into tight spaces. By using their teamwork and individual skills, players can solve puzzles, avoid dangerous traps, and outsmart the enemy dinosaurs that stand in their way.

    With its colorful graphics, immersive sound effects, and engaging gameplay, Dino Meat Hunt: New Adventure Game provides hours of entertainment for players of all ages. So get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure with these lovable dinosaurs and satisfy their hunger for meat in this exciting game.

    In Dino Meat Hunt New Adventure, your objective is to guide the hungry dinosaurs in collecting all the meat scattered throughout the levels. Each level presents unique challenges that require you to solve puzzles, navigate treacherous terrains, and outsmart ferocious enemies. Cooperation among the dinosaur characters is crucial, as each possesses special abilities that can aid in overcoming obstacles and defeating enemies. Work together with your fellow dinosaurs and utilize their unique skills to triumph in your meat-hunting expedition.

    Big Dino: Move: Arrow keys Attack: "L" key Little Dino: Move: "W, A, S, D" keys Attack: "G" key Double Jump: Press "W" double

    1. Plan Ahead: Take a moment to strategize before making any moves. Study the level layout, identify patterns, and plan your actions accordingly. Consider how each dinosaur's abilities can be utilized to navigate obstacles effectively.
    2. Utilize Special Abilities: Each dinosaur possesses a unique ability that can help you overcome specific challenges. Experiment with their skills, such as breaking through barriers or activating switches, to find the optimal approach in each situation.
    3. Timing Is Crucial: Pay close attention to the movement patterns of enemy creatures and the timing of traps. Precise timing in your movements and jumps will enable you to evade danger and progress smoothly through the levels.
    4. Seek Hidden Surprises: Keep an eye out for hidden surprises and bonuses within the levels. Explore every nook and cranny to discover secret areas and collect additional rewards.